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Our psychologists combine a personal connection with scientifically-supported treatments to help motivate their clients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help with  Anxiety Relationships Depression OCD Anger

How Therapy Can Help

  • A Toolbox for Managing Your Feelings and Actions

Sometimes our brains get stuck in a loop, playing the same unhelpful thoughts over and over. CBT helps you press the reset button, helping you catch those thoughtsand change them into something more positive.

  • Consistent Small Steps to Big Change

CBT helps you break down overwhelming patterns and behaviors into manageable actions. Each step with is a leap towards understanding and changing how you think and act, leading to big improvements in how you feel and live.

  • Your CBT Therapist: A Companion and Guide

Your CBT therapist is an empathetic guide, helping you navigate through tough times, providing the guidance you need to create a happier, healthier life.

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Your Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health.

Our holistic approach nurtures your mental health to enhance your physical well-being. Through personalized care plans, we aim to improve your overall quality of life. Let us guide you towards a balanced, healthier future where your mental and physical health work in harmony.

Create a Custom Wellness Plan to Track Progress

  • Resilience 72% 72%
  • Stress Management 49% 49%
  • Emotion Regulation 60% 60%
  • Relationship Skills 44% 44%
  • Self-Confidence 67% 67%
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What Our Patients Say 

My wife and I have been growing further and further apart for the past year due to problems with my in-laws. Issues outside the home were being brought inside to our family. It was a very difficult and messy process. Dr.Siddiqi stuck with us through a lot of arguments (often in the session) to help us rebuild our relationship. It has been a long, but rewarding journey. 

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I’ve had a long history of losing my temper and it almost cost me my marriage twice. I really want my family to depend on me. I’ve made big strides working with Dr.Siddiqi. Not only are me and my wife getting along, I actually have space to share when I’m upset since I do it in a way she understands and cares about. I’m very happy because I tried therapy once before and it led nowhere. It was mainly just me venting. My previous therapist didn’t really have a plan. But Dr.Siddiqi explains each stage of my treatment step by step and I always feel like I’m moving forward. 

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