Unraveling the complexities of Adult ADHD demands a comprehensive evaluation that extends far beyond a simple medication assessment. At Abu Nafs, we believe in providing a thorough understanding of the individual, considering psychological, behavioral, and lifestyle factors. 


Our process aims to equip individuals not only with an accurate diagnosis but also with a personalized roadmap for thriving with ADHD, with or without medication.

The Shortcomings of Quick Assessments

1. Incomplete Picture:

  • Challenge: Many standard ADHD assessments focus solely on medication suitability, potentially overlooking essential aspects of an individual’s well-being.

2. Limited Guidance:

  • Challenge: Quick assessments may rush into prescribing medication without offering guidance on non-pharmacological strategies and resources for living well with ADHD.

3. Ignoring the Whole Person:

  • Challenge: Neglecting psychological, behavioral, and lifestyle factors can result in an inadequate understanding of the individual’s needs.

The Abu Nafs Difference: A Holistic Evaluation

1. In-Depth Psychological Assessment:

  • Approach: Our process includes comprehensive psychological evaluations to uncover underlying factors that may contribute to ADHD symptoms.

2. Behavioral Observations and Interviews:

  • Approach: We engage in detailed discussions and observations to gain a nuanced understanding of how ADHD manifests in daily life.

3. Lifestyle and Environmental Considerations:

  • Approach: We recognize that external factors, from work environment to daily routines, play a pivotal role in managing ADHD.

The Personalized ADHD Report: Your Roadmap to Well-being

1. Clear Diagnosis and Recommendations:

  • Outcome: Receive a detailed report that not only confirms or refutes the ADHD diagnosis but also provides tailored recommendations for next steps.


  1. Medication Guidance with Informed Consent:
  • Outcome: If medication is recommended, it comes with comprehensive information, ensuring that you make an informed decision.

3. Step-by-Step Care Plan:

  • Outcome: Our report outlines a customized plan for managing ADHD, incorporating a range of strategies from therapy to lifestyle adjustments.

Beyond Diagnosis: Empowering Your Journey

1. Access to Therapy Services:

  • Support: Continue your journey with our experienced therapists specializing in ADHD, who offer targeted strategies for thriving.

2. Resources and Referrals:

  • Support: Gain access to a network of resources, from ADHD coaches to support groups, ensuring you have the tools to navigate life with ADHD.

In Conclusion: Thriving with ADHD, Your Way


At Abu Nafs, we recognize that ADHD is a unique journey for each individual. Our comprehensive approach ensures that you are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and support to not only manage ADHD but to thrive in all aspects of your life.